Strategic Alliances

Princeton Capital Associates is committed to bringing the best experts, products, and services to its clients as well as providing its partners with key solutions. Key strategic alliances strengthen the opportunities we can bring to our clients and organizations. 

Princeton Capital Associates has a key strategic alliance with CourseMark, a credit union service organization (CUSO), offering credit unions tailored solutions for enhancing yields and increasing invest options, including: prefunded employee benefit plans, executive benefit plans, charitable donation accounts and comprehensive advisory and portfolio management services. CourseMark’s CUSO structure and innovative program creates a new revenue stream for credit union equity owners via CUSO-ownership dividends.

NCUA regulations provide a framework for credit unions to invest in potentially higher-earning assets for the purpose of offsetting the costs associated with these programs. Credit unions can now offer robust benefits packages that help attract and retain talent and increase employee satisfaction, with effective cost management and portfolio diversification.

CourseMark is the only CUSO, offering this suite of solutions, that is 100% owned by credit unions. While most large firms have an out-of-the-box program, CourseMark offers customized solutions best suited to each credit union’s situation.

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